Finding Hope, A Message From Allan

November 16, 2016

Dear EV friends,

Regardless of our political perspectives, last week’s election
triggered strong emotions. With the ensuing transition, our society is
facing uncertainty and deep divisions. And for those of us who care
deeply about the health of our planet, we have additional reasons to
be concerned. In this challenging time, it is good to remember and
reaffirm our values and to encourage compassion and understanding.

As a friend of the Environmental Volunteers, you understand the
importance of science and nature education in our schools. Our work at
the EV, in the nonprofit sector, and as people who are passionate
about making the world a better place, is more important than ever.
For this I am thankful and it gives me hope.

One thing we can do is to redouble our work as good, caring people. We
can continue to bring our positive EV messages and learning to the
wonderful students and people of all ages who bring their wonderment
to us.

We see reasons to be optimistic everyday. The students we serve are
eager to learn and make the world a better place. At the EV, we
encourage students to develop their own observations, questions, and
experiences of the natural world. We know that one day, they will be
leaders in environmental stewardship.

I think about the little girl who last year visited the ocean with us
for the very first time and was amazed at how big the world is. This
year, we will bring wonderment to many more kids...and in doing so,
bring a measure of fulfillment to our own lives.

I think about the participants in our Women In Science program and the
encouraging message we convey, a message that says, "we value an equal
and respectful space for girls who dream of a career in the sciences."

I think about our sincere efforts to achieve better diversity within
our organization. We do so because we value the inherent dignity of
all and because we recognize that some schools in our communities have
more or less than others. And we believe that equity in education
builds just communities for all of us.

Now and as ever before, the EV will continue to foster a community
that is committed to science and nature learning, and the belief that
every man, woman, and child deserves to benefit from a healthy planet.

Because of loyal supporters like you, this year the EV will deliver
environmental classroom and field trip programs to 10,000 students,
and we will reach another 5,000 people of all ages through our
EcoCenter. Through this work, we will continue to feed curious minds
and foster stewardship of our planet, so even in uncertain times, the
next generation will be prepared to face the challenges of the future,
and to love and protect our environment.

Because of YOU, and our shared values about the environment, I can say
that with confidence and certainty.

Thank you for your continued support of the EV.

Allan Berkowitz
Executive Director

photo by Dann Quinn