EV Bay Tour App

EV Bay Tour is a smartphone app which offers a guided walking tour of the Palo Alto Baylands. The fun and educational content of this app is greatly enhanced by the work of local photographers who generously donated their work to the project. Due to the tremendous number of photos and the limited space in the smart phone format, each photographer was acknowledged in the app itself, but the complete list of their specific contributions is below.

We are extremely grateful for the talent and generosity of these photographers.

Photos by Richard Bicknell:
Black-necked Stilt, Bufflehead-Male and Female, Clark's Grebe, Cliff Swallow on Nest, Defending Territory, Great-blue Heron, Killdeer with Nest, Male Red Winged Blackbird, Marbled Godwit.

Photos by Bob Dodge:
Flooded at High Tide, Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse

Photos by Caroline Lambert:
Female Red-winged Blackbird

Photos by Judy Kramer:
American Coot, California Gull, Common Golden Eye, Concrete Block Art, Dodder on Pickleweed, Dodder on Pickleweed  -Far, Dodder on Pickleweed – Close, Domestic Swan Goose, Female Mallard, Fennel, Fennel "Forest", Fennel Flower, Fennel Plant, Fennel Seeds, Follow Me to the Airport, Front Porch in Disrepair, Lesser Scaup, Lucy Evans Nature Center, Male Mallard, North Pipes Low Tide, On the Trail to Byxbee Park, Pickleweed, Pickleweed, Pole Art, Ring-billed Gull, Sandpiper, See View from Here, Sticky Gum Plant, North Pipes High Tide, South Pipes High Tide.

Photos by Tony Kramer:
American Avocet, Black Necked Stilt and Mud Snails, California Clapper Rail, Greater Yellowlegs - High Tide, Northern Shoveler, Salt on Cordgrass, Salt Production.

Photos by Orlando Mayen:
Evaporation Ponds

Photos courtesy of the Palo Alto Historical Association:
Aerial view c. 1943, Building Dedication 1941, Lucy Evans with Children

Photos by Nicolas Prade:
Birding from the Deck, Hands-on Activities, Interactive Exhibits

Photos by Dan Quinn:
Barn Swallow, Black Crowned Night Heron, Flying Around the Baylands, Great Egret, Low Tide Mudflats, Palo Alto Airport Tower, Showy Egret

Photos by M Raeder Photography:
Black-necked Stilt feeding, Early Breeding Season, Snowy Egret, juvenile

Photos by Brittany Sabol:
Barnacle Close-up, Barnacles on Pylon, Bat Ray Indentations, Boat Dock - High Tide, Boat Dock - Low Tide, Cargill Salt’s Newark Facility, Colorful Evaporation Ponds, Cordgrass, Domestic Mallards, Domestic Muscovy, Dunbarton Bridge, Mallard Hybrids, Moffett Hangars & Wind Tunnel, Mudflats High Tide, Mudflats Low Tide, Mustard, Mustard Close Up, Ring Necked Pheasant, Salt Marsh Zonation, South Pipes Low Tide, Water Outflow Pipe - Low Tide, Water Outflow Pipe Close-up, Water Outflow Pipe - High Tide.

Photos by Andrei Sarna-Wojcicki:
Duck's Eye View

Photos by West Coast Wilds:

Photos by Chet Wrucke:
The Yacht Club, View from the Harbor

EV Stock Images:
Artist Rendering of 1920's, Don't Feed Ducks, Isopods - a Shrimp Relative, Microscopic Plankton, Worms Found in the Mud