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Environmental Volunteers open up the world to kids
By Karl Kahler / Mercury News

They say kids ask a lot of questions. But when second-graders go on a hike in Palo Alto's Baylands Nature Preserve with volunteer tour guide Sue Irvine, it's the kids who get interrogated. Relentlessly.

Irvine, an enthusiastic docent from Environmental Volunteers, points out a large outcrop of colorful plants on the edge of San Francisco Bay and asks, "What color are the tops of pickleweeds?"

"Red!" the kids agree.

"And why is it red?" Irvine asks.

Julieta Delgado, 7, has a decisive answer: "Because it is a pickleweed."

Not bad for a budding botanist from East Palo Alto Charter School who is enjoying a hike at the Baylands on a beautiful autumn day, with a warm sun, a few cirrus clouds and the occasional small plane overhead.

Environmental Volunteers, a Palo Alto-based nonprofit organization, takes kids on hundreds of nature hikes a year, aiming to promote responsibility for the environment through hands-on nature and science education. In the summer, it holds nature camps that give kids the chance to explore caves, marvel at redwoods, or learn some science on a trip to the beach.

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