First Fridays for Homeschoolers

Welcome to First Fridays for Homeschoolers

Join us for First Fridays at the EcoCenter!

Our programs are specifically designed for homeschool learners from ages 6 - 12 who are interested in natural sciences. Discover our special interactive displays and exhibits on topics such as marine ecology, forest and foothills ecology, birds and more!

Docents will lead students through fun eduational activities. Participants will have the opportunity to get hands-on, ask questions and explore topics at their own pace. 

When: First Friday of every month
Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Location: The EcoCenter
2560 Embarcadero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Registration: Click here to register
Program Fee: $5 per child, per session

For map and directions,
click here.

New for the 2016-2017 School Year:
For our First Friday for Homeschool program participants, we are providing the following subject areas that will progress over the course of the year by ages and grade levels. This will provide more age and developmentally appropriate programming for your child.
We are also excited to be incorporating Story Time for your future First Friday Homeschool child! This will give the 5 year olds and younger their own program, and the opportunity to engage in an activity that is more age-appropriate for them!

Please note, that as a nonprofit we are seeking ways to help provide funding for these programs, therefore beginning this school year we will now have a $5 attendance fee per student.

Visit our 2016-2017 Registration Form, to complete your reservation.

For the 2016-17 the calendar is as follows:

October 7, Nature In Your Neighborhood: Explore the environment and practice observation, communication and data collection skills.

November 4, All About Birds:
Learn about the wide variety of birds that are typically found in our neighborhoods. Explore the unique features of bird beaks, feet, and feathers that help these beautiful animals thrive.

December 2, Foothills Ecology:
Learn about the variety of habitats and animals that can be found in the California foothills from grasslands to redwood trees.

February 3, Early California Indians:
Explore how Early California Indians lived gently on the planet. Learn their techniques for hunting, gathering, making tools, and about past-time games.

March 3, Baylands Ecology:
Learn about how Baylands animals and plants have adapted to live in this brackish environment.

April 7, Earthquake Geology:
Explore the structure and formation of plates, how they are moving to create earthquakes, and the movement of material through the rocks.

May 5, Marine Ecology:
Explore the dynamics of the ocean, its currents and tides, and how these create a healthy underwater environment for a variety of marine life.