Meet Davy Davidson

by Jan Whitmer

Our new Board member, Davy Davidson, took the fall volunteer training in 2007 and jumped in right away to help with the Birds and Blooms fundraiser last year. A lifelong environmental activist, Davy has served on the boards of many organizations fighting to preserve and protect the natural environment. While on the Environmental Volunteers Board, she will focus on fundraising, something she is passionate and enthusiastic about where the environment is concerned.

Davy believes that her love of the natural world comes from her upbringing.  Raised in New Jersey, Davy always felt at home in the outdoors. Her mother's garden was also an inspiration, with its unstructured, natural look. Interested in spiritual development, Davy feels that her inner life is fully supported when she is out in nature. Davy works hard at leaving a low carbon footprint and has been a vegetarian for 34 years and a vegan for 17 years.

Before coming to California a decade ago, Davy lived in New York City for 19 years where she had an acting career. A single parent to son Ben, she acted, as she puts it, "off-off-off Broadway", but was forced to take TV commercial and soap opera jobs to make ends meet, so left the business. She became a communications consultant for McKinsey & Company, teaching executives how to deliver press messages. Her work took her all over the world, an opportunity of which she took full advantage. One of her most vivid experiences was in India on an adventure tracking tigers. Davy is never happier than when she is close to the wildness of nature.

Davy's move to California came because she wanted to open an organic, vegetarian restaurant and felt the population in San Francisco would support a health-oriented venture. Unfortunately, her restaurant became a casualty of the dot-com bust. Four years ago, Davy moved to the Peninsula to be with her partner Al Whaley.

Recreational activities for Davy include gardening, hiking, and eco-travel. She recently visited Costa Rica where she was awakened by howler monkeys at 4:00 AM and watched whales breaching. It doesn't get any better than that for Davy! She also loves food and cooking, trying different combinations, colors, and textures and, especially, eating from her own garden. We salute, you, Davy, for your passion and commitment.

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