Meet Jamie Ostrov

by Jan Whitmer

One of our new volunteers, Jamie Ostrov is passionate about nature and excited to be a part of the Environmental Volunteers. Looking for ways to give back to the community, she “found” the EV through Craigslist—an interesting connection. In addition to helping with services, Jamie also loves to draw and paint and has volunteered to work on new badges for us!
Jaime’s interest in nature hearkens back to her childhood. Growing up on 5 acres of land in the beautiful hills and forests around Tallahassee, FL, she says her family home accommodated more animals than people! Because her mother was an animal lover, they were always taking in orphan raccoons and baby birds. Jamie spent a lot of time in the woods, preferring to get her feet dirty to sitting in a classroom. So it is not surprising that she is a “bird nerd” who notices hawks along the road instead of signs.

Jamie’s college education followed a different path, though, as she graduated from Georgia Tech in Atlanta with a degree in industrial product design. While there, she was on the varsity track team, specializing in the high jump. During the summers, though, Jamie went back to nature, serving as a wilderness ranger in the Trinity Alps. After graduation, she worked in Atlanta for several years as a producer in television, then moved to the Bay Area 3 years ago to work as a sustainability consultant for Saatchi and Saatchi S. As such, she designed education programs for Fortune 500 companies and was responsible for the “greening” of WalMart.

For fun, Jamie enjoys swimming, biking, and yoga. She recently went on a mushroom hunt and maintains an organic garden, as she loves to cook (a natural for the EV)! Jamie, we are also excited that you are sharing your passion and enthusiasm with the EV.

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