Meet Jan Hustler

by Jan Whitmer

Jan Hustler
has returned to the EV! About 25 years ago, while she was job sharing as an elementary schoolteacher, Jan was an active EV for 5 years. Then, after teaching young people for 20 years, she began a different life, working full-time in professional development.  For the last 10 years before retiring, Jan was the director of 2 National Science Foundation grant projects, which focused on teaching science to K-8 teachers. This was done in conjunction with both corporations and universities in the area which provided the space to teach and the science expertise, respectively. The project worked with 9 school districts and reached about 2000 teachers, with the courses designed around the standards of the state science curricula.

But let’s back up in time. Having grown up in the Midwest in Illinois and Wisconsin, Jan came to California for her first job, teaching fine arts. Since then, she has added significant educational credentials. Her undergraduate work was at Arizona State University, after which she earned 3 Master’s degrees. The first was in Social Sciences at San Jose State, the second in Educational Leadership from Santa Clara University, and the third in Marine Science form Oregon State University. Regarding the last one, she credits the EV for arousing her interest in science.

Jan’s interests outside of work are varied. She and her husband Jim love to hike and travel. In fact, last year they embarked on a wonderful 7-month adventure around the world, spending most of their time in Asia and the Mediterranean. They began in Australia in January and followed summer around the world! Jan would love to return to Australia, which she says had more UNESCO World Heritage sites for wildlife than any of the 10 countries they visited.

Other activities include membership in a book club, which Jan find intellectually engaging. She also has a avid interest in photography. Family is most important to Jan, as she becomes exuberant when talking about her 8-month old granddaughter Elea. Jan and Jim have two grown sons, Anthony and Jeffrey. We are so happy to have Jan with her experience and energy back in the fold!

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