Meet Larry Spivak

by Jan Whitmer

If you haven’t met Larry Spivak, you have a treat in store for you, for Larry has a diverse background and many interests. He heard about the EV from a birder group posting on the internet (interesting sign of the times) and joined us last spring. Growing up in Berkeley, Larry has always been a lover of nature and the outdoors. As a boy, he and his family were avid campers, and Larry continued that tradition later with his own family. His daughter Ali went on her first camping trip at 4 months—not a positive experience, Larry claims!

Larry began his college education as a wine-making major at UC Davis, dropped out and was soon drafted into the Air Force, where he got into the high tech field, doing computer programming. He earned a degree in business management from San Jose State and worked for 12 years in the aerospace industry with highly classified programs at Lockheed, General Electric, and Philco-Ford. Larry has held other intriguing positions, such as chauffer for a limousine service. While driving for them, he was asked by the public television station KTEH in San Jose to chauffer when the station had special guests in town. This afforded him the opportunity to meet some interesting people, including Placido Domingo. Later, he was hired by KTEH as a telemarketer. But where he worked the hardest and had the most fun was at Atari, doing video games. Larry calls himself semi-retired now, but, harking back to Davis days, he is working in the tasting room of Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill.

As for avocations, Larry is a passionate birder, willing to travel many miles to spot a specific bird. He is also passionate about food and is a wonderful cook (Italian is his favorite). He maintains a food blog on the internet and hopes to teach cooking classes at the winery. Over the years, he has established notable collections of stamps, demitasse cups (mostly from Eastern Europe), butterflies, and insects. In fact, several bees that he found while at Davis became part of the university’s permanent collection! We are fortunate, indeed, that Larry is sharing his passion and diverse background with the Environmental Volunteers.

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