Environmental Volunteers Board & Staff

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Joyce Friedrichs, Co-Chair
Retired educator with career focus on curriculum development, product management and non-profit administration

Jan Hustler, Co-Chair
Retired Director of Partnership for Student Success in Science

Dudley Andersen, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer
Financial Advisor, Corporate Executive and Business Founder

Julie Jerome, Vice-Chair, Development
Former President of the Board of Trustees for the Palo Alto Unified School District

Debra McLaughlin, Secretary
Senior Manager of Corporate Responsibility at Symantec Corporation

Wanda Cavanaugh
Founder and Principal at Windward Communications

Mario Cuellar
STEM Coordinator for Ravenswood City School District
Design, develop, and implement hands-on STEM curriculum for Museums and school districts

Pier Di Stella
Public Health Education Leader and Consultant
Partner to public education through prevention, health promotion and program oversight

Kate Godfrey
Former Program Officer, Walter and Elise Haas Fund and Northern California Grantmakers

Heather Kantor
CFO, Peninsula Open Space Trust
Former business executive and park naturalist, environmental education and curriculum specialist 

Marion Krause
Formerly the Transition Specialist for Special Needs students, Palo Alto Alto Unified School District

Larry Spivak
Retired Product Manager, TAB Products; Environmental Volunteer Docent

Allan Berkowitz
Executive Director, ex officio 


Executive Director

Allan Berkowitz


ext. 333

Administration and Data Manager

Arlene Mitchell


ext. 335

Development Director

Donalda Watson-Walkinshaw

650-493-8000 ext. 334

Marketing and Communications Director

Kristi Moos

650-493-8000 ext. 340

Development Assistant

Sophia Oliveira

650-493-8000 ext. 336

Education and Training Director

Brittany Sabol


ext. 338

Community Programs Coordinator




Materials Coordinator

Katie Donovan

408-244-2449 ext. 103

Volunteer Coordinator

Nikki Rowe

408-244-2449 ext. 102

School Programs Manager

Toby Goldberg

650-493-8000 ext. 339

Education Programs Manager

Christine Thalls

408-244-2449 ext. 101