Environmental Volunteers Summer Youth Programs


Mark your calendars for EV Summer Programs 2015!


As summer 2014 is fast approaching, many parents are looking for dates for the next SNAKE and Explore! summer programs. 

While we feel that our camps have been stimulating, educational and fun for kids, we know that we can do an even better job of creating a fabulous camp experience for campers. After conducting an extensive review of our camp operations we've concluded that in order to maintain a vibrant, high quality summer program that meets the needs of the community and is sustainable, we should embark on a thorough process to revitalize our camp program. We have made the decision to develop a new camp program that will launch in Summer, 2015. As part of this process we will not offer camp in Summer, 2014. 

The process of revamping our summer programs have several goals, including:

Grow Our Camp Population While Maintaining a Small Camp Feel

From the valuable feedback we receive, we know that the small feel of our camps is an attraction to many campers and their parents. While growing the number of campers we serve is definitely in our plans, we believe it is possible to both include larger numbers of campers and retain the personal touch. One approach we are considering is offering our camps at multiple sites, which would allow us to increase our camper population and retain a smaller feel for the individual campers at each site. And one of our goals is to eventually expand our camps to increase our presence in the south bay.


Reach New Audiences

Because of our wonderful new EcoCenter, our organization is enjoying significant growth and is reaching many new audiences in the community. We would like to find ways to include members of these groups in our camp program. For example, we have increased our outreach to the Spanish-speaking communities and we are also developing a new "Girls In Science" initiative. We believe that we can and should support these efforts by serving audiences that have not been strong participants in our camps in the past.


Serve New Age Groups

Another aspect of scaling our camps is to "fill in the gaps" and provide programming for age groups not currently being served (for example, teens). We are developing a teen leadership program and hope to incorporate these teen leaders as counselors in training at our camps. We want to create a role-modeling system whereby younger campers can aspire to "one day become a camp counselor just like....."


Maintain the Strongest Aspects of S.N.A.K.E. and Explore!

An important piece of feedback we hear over and over again is that field trips and hands-on learning experiences are a wonderful element in our camps. We will include them in our new plan, while also finding new ways to enhance these experiences for campers.


Invigorate the Camp Curriculum

Whereas our camps have always been structured around educational themes, they have not operated with defined learning objectives and written curricula.  We see the opportunity to offer educationally enriched experiences and summer fun. Developing solid educational experiences for kids in the context of summer fun takes time and thought, hence our decision to begin our new camps in 2015.




Camp Information

We're excited about keeping the core qualities our campers loved about S.N.A.K.E. and EXPLORE! and at the same time improving camp and making it even better. We're excited to provide campers with the opportunity to embrace the new as well as the old.

We look forward to keeping you informed and updated about the redevelopment and re-launch of our summer camps. In the meantime, if you have questions or feedback, please be sure to contact us at .