Corporate Stewardship Blog

This blog series will highlight significant volunteer pursuits of local tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The EV celebrates the tech community's commitment to volunteer initiatives that reflect the mission of our organization and to inspire a love for the natural world. As a volunteer organization that advocates for stewardship through hands-on science education, the EV supports other nonprofits and these tech companies who share an affinity to deliver science and nature learning to people of all ages.

Value of Corporate Stewardship

Read our final installment in the corporate stewardship blog series. This synthesis will cover our highlighted tech companies pursuing triple bottom line missions and their work with the EV and similar nonprofits to transform their employee volunteers into stewards.

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Corporate Preservation of the Open Space

Find out how tech companies are acting out stewardship principles through volunteer projects that include habitat restoration for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.

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LinkedIn Stewards Give Back to the EV

Read about how two LinkedIn employees braved the elements to remove invasive weeds from the Baylands all the while receiving a fufilling volunteer experience with the EV.

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Cisco Employees Volunteer with Purpose at Citizen Schools

Learn more about Cisco's renowned committment to corporate social responsibility through the Citizen Schools apprenticeship program. Check out how this partnership has created social stewards of Cisco's employees and produced real impact in low-income communities.

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Xilinx Partnership with YSI Promotes Stewardship

Interested in how a tech company with 3,000 employees provides systemic educational impact in the local community? Discover the Xilinx partnership with YSI providing social return through empowering the next generation of science students.

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Synopsys Employees Become Stewards at Hidden Villa

Want to learn more about how a company pursues a triple bottom line mission? Find out how Synopsys fulfills this motive through its innovative and impactful work at a nonprofit organic farm in Los Altos Hills.

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