Environmental Volunteers Spotlight

Our volunteers – the remarkable individuals who contribute their time and passion to Environmental Volunteers – are the heart and soul of our organization! They include people from many walks of life, including parents, grandparents, college students, working people, retired people, stay-at-home moms and dads, and more.

Meet the members of this close-knit community, and find out about the variety of group activities and events we participate in throughout the year. We invite you to join us!

Meet John Seyfarth12/2011
Meet Shannon Petrello11/2011
Meet Kathy Dains10/2011
Meet Lisa Myers4/2011
Meet Franziska Sinner3/2011
Meet Nancy Mayo1/2011
Meet Marc Burton12/2010
Meet Laurie Lopez6/2010
Meet Sandy Gruver3/2010
Meet Jamie Ostrov1/2010
Meet Judy Kramer12/2009
Meet Lila Jones11/2009
Meet Dusten Dennis10/2009
Meet Ellen Turbow9/2009
Memorial: Jim Marsh8/2009
Meet Wibke Wittmann5/2009
Meet Leni Silberman4/2009
Meet Davy Davidson3/2009
Meet Barbara Turner11/2008