Check out these fun facts to amaze your kids, friends, and anyone interested in nature!

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Fun Facts

1. A mature redwood tree can produce over 10 million seeds a year, although few are fertile and fewer still produce viable seedlings.

2. The 800 mile long San Andreas fault (from Baja, CA to Cape Mendocino) moves about 2 in/yr, about the same rate your fingernails grow.

3. In the canine Olympics, coyotes would win the gold, cruising at up to 40mph. Coyotes would win the long jump, too, leaping as far as 14 ft.

4. The typical human is home to a vast array of microbes. If you could count them, you’d find they outnumber your own cells by a factor of 10.

5. Did you know: though many species of birds lay eggs over several days, all birds in nest hatch at same time due to synchronized hatching?

6. Owls’ eyes are almost as big as ours. Scientists put owls and mice in a totally dark room & the owls caught every rodent on their first try.

7. Owls’ ears are offset and have moveable feathers and skin that make sounds louder; like when we cup our hands to our ears.

8. Owls do not have a good sense of smell; that’s why they can eat skunks!

9. Owl Fun Facts: Unlike other birds, owls have feathers on their legs and feet. Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees.

10. There are about 300 different kinds of owls. Some live in the tropics and the arctic.

11. Can birds sing in flight? Most songbirds sing when perched and call when flying, but some, like the yellowthroat, have flight songs.

12. SF Bay Area hills are rising 3mm/year. Not much? In 40 years of living in here, Mt Diablo is up +4 in. Thought it looked a bit taller now!

13. Brown pelicans have subcutaneous air sacs like bubble-wrap used as shock absorbers to ease the impact of hitting water from great heights.

14. Drop a redwood cone in a glass of water - the water turns red thanks to acid in the seeds. Ohlone Indians used the dye to color their clothes.

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