EcoCenter Phase I Completed

After five years of planning involving permits from 15 agencies, and the temporary relocation of the building while its new foundation was built, we are proud to say that:

  • For the first time in decades, this historic building no longer floods with each high tide. It now sits on a new and elevated foundation.
  • Lead paint no longer harms the sensitive Baylands ecosystem! All lead paint has been safely removed off-site.
  • Through it all, we brought thousands of children to the Baylands for field study excursions as we continued sharing the wonders of nature.

The End of Phase 1

Soon, we will mark the end of Phase 1. Within a few short months, we will return the restored siding to the building; install a new roof and new doors; and reinstall the restored original windows. At that time, the building’s outside will be complete.

On To Phase 2

With the successful conclusion of Phase 1, we will take a break from construction. Phase 2 of our capital campaign will then launch and we will focus on raising the remaining funds needed to complete the building’s interior restoration and the front decks. We know it will be a challenge in this economic climate, but with the accomplishments to date and a restored building in place and above the tidewaters, it is a challenge we are excited to embrace.