Introducing the EcoCenter on Wheels: A New Mobile Learning Station Run by the Environmental Volunteers and their Teen Volunteers

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Introducing the EcoCenter on Wheels: A New Mobile Learning Station Run by the Environmental Volunteers and their Teen Volunteers

Palo Alto, California (June 21, 2016) —

Environmental Volunteers (, a leading provider of environmental science education programs in Santa Clara and San Mateo County, announces the EcoCenter on Wheels, a new mobile learning station in the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve. The EcoCenter on Wheels is currently run by teen volunteers who received training from the Environmental Volunteers on how to engage the public in hands-on learning about nature and the environment.

The EcoCenter on Wheels will expand the Environmental Volunteers’ ability to bring hands-on nature education into the Baylands preserve. The EcoCenter on Wheels will be roving the trails on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Teen docents will share their choice of three topics: Skull Adaptations, Bay Plants; and Birds, Nests, and Eggs.

For Skull Adaptations, visitors will learn about tooth structure and eye structure, which determine where an animal resides and what an animal eats in the food chain. Visitors are able to compare the structure and adaptations of different local animals' skulls and to hypothesize how those animals are connected within the Baylands ecosystem. For the Bay Plants activity, visitors will examine and dissect real samples of pickleweed and Pacific cordgrass to understand how they deal with salt and how they survive being submerged in water or completely exposed to the elements during different parts of the day.

While learning about birds, nests, and eggs, visitors will come to appreciate how nests are created by interacting with numerous materials that form the bird’s habitat including sticks, leaves, mud, feathers, spider’s webs, and even human made materials. Visitors can also see the different types of eggs birds lay and try to match bird specimens to their nests.

The EcoCenter on Wheels also provides a scavenger hunt for families with children who are just learning to observe nature. Plus, scavenger hunt participants will get a special take- home prize.

Funding for the EcoCenter on Wheels was provided by the Palo Alto University Rotary Club.

Founded in 1972, the Environmental Volunteers is a 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to promote the understanding of and responsibility for the environment through hands- on science education. Trained staff and docents from the Environmental Volunteers inspire a love of the natural world through classroom programs, field trips, summer camps, and at the EcoCenter in the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve. More than 300,000 children and adults have explored local ecosystems with the Environmental Volunteers. Annually, the Environmental Volunteers serves 10,000 students in schools and 5,000 visitors to the EcoCenter. Visit