Meet Franziska Sinner

by Jan Whitmer

New to the Environmental Volunteers last fall, Franziska Sinner joins us with sterling credentials. She is a climate change policy expert with varied experience working on environmental issues. Presently, she is freelancing for some European clients and working for a nonprofit in San Francisco called Green-E, which certifies environmentally-friendly products and provides consumers with information about clean energy choices.

Franziska grew up in Hamburg, Germany, went to school and married her husband Henrik Lemke before moving to Copenhagen, Denmark, where she worked as a consultant on carbon offsetting projects for seven years. Franziska and Henrik moved to the Bay Area last summer, as he is working for the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center as a scientist.

Outside of professional life, Franziska says she is “crazy” about Ultimate Frisbee. In Denmark she played for the Danish National Team and is now playing in world championships in the summer. She is also involved in a local club, participating in tournaments. In addition, Franziska coaches the Stanford University women’s Ultimate B team. For Ultimate Frisbee, she thinks this is the most competitive area in the world. An interesting fact about Ultimate Frisbee is that there is no referee in the game. The players are expected to discuss and resolve the play in question on their own. Franziska believes this would be a good game to introduce in schools to foster sportsmanlike conduct.

Another great love of Franziska’s is sailing. While still in Germany, She worked for two years on a traditional sailing ship, which provided its passengers with educational experiences in both environmental studies and the art of sailing.

Franziska is most enthusiastic about the EV concept. She was attracted to the EV because she felt that in her professional life, her commitment to the environment was more abstract. Teaching local children to care for nature was concrete. She hopes to take the EV model home to Europe. Franziska, we welcome your earnest commitment and concern for our natural world.

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