Meet Sandy Gruver

by Jan Whitmer

A new volunteer, Sandy Gruver found the Environmental Volunteers through her love of the outdoors and her interest in learning about the ecology of her surroundings. Growing up in Rochester, New York, she remembers enjoying nature as a child and wanting to learn more about it. Now that she is retired, Sandy felt this was the perfect time to meld her desire for learning with her experience dealing with children.

After graduating from the University of Rochester with a math and education degree, Sandy did a little teaching, but her main experience with young people was raising her 4 children—each one a year apart! Accomplishing this some of the time as a single mom, Sandy is very proud of her 2 sons and 2 daughters, who are all enjoying successful careers in different fields of engineering.             

Because of her interest in mathematics, Sandy went back to school (while raising her family) and earned a degree in computer science. She married again and moved to the Bay area to work for IBM in 1979. Her husband, Tom McNeal, joined Hewlett-Packard, so, for a while, Sandy says, they were a “two-geek” family! After taking a retirement package from IBM, Sandy worked for a short while at Stanford in their IT department, and then went to HP where she supported the sales force through database consulting.

“Retired for good” in 2007, Sandy now has more time for hiking, a favorite pastime. She also belongs to a book group, works out at the gym, and has become interested in bridge again. And she has surprised herself with her renewed love of cooking. We are most happy that Sandy has included the EV in her busy life.

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