Meet Marc Burton

by Jan Whitmer

Marc Burton joined the Environmental Volunteers staff in June as an Encore Fellow (as John Armstrong did last year). Having worked in banking and financial services for 31 years, Marc was looking for a better balance in his life, from an overall perspective. He feels the corporate world lives in the head with the goal of making money, while the nonprofit world lives in the heart and is cause-oriented. Marc wanted his work to involve giving back to the community. The Encore Fellowship program (started in the Bay Area) helps mid-career people find this meaningful work. Marc will work part time for a year doing marketing and strategic planning. His goal is to have the Environmental Volunteers become a household name.

Marc’s interest in the environment can perhaps be traced to his spending a lot of time outdoors. He is passionate about surfing, skiing, backpacking, and photography, and he grew up in a very sports-minded family. Though they moved around, his dad being in the navy, Marc considers himself a Virginian, for he spent his high school years there. For college, Marc attended the University of Oregon, graduated with a degree in Finance, and moved to southern California to begin his career in banking. He and his wife Janice have been in the Bay Area since 1979.

Marc has always enjoyed working with older grade-schoolers. When his son Nick was younger, Marc was involved in coaching his basketball, flag football, and Little League baseball teams. He is taking the EV training now and is looking forward to leading field trips and sharing his enthusiasm for nature with future generations. How fortunate we are to have Marc using his talents and skill to promote the EV and its mission.

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