Meet Nancy Mayo

by Jan Whitmer

When looking for a way to be connected to the environment again, Nancy Mayo heard about the EV from our own Ruth Carlton. Growing up in Grass Valley, California, Nancy was into nature. Her family grew vegetables and fruit, went hiking and camping every summer, and spent a lot of time at Lake Tahoe. So, after retiring from 30 years working in libraries both at corporations and most recently at Stanford University, where she ran two libraries, Nancy joined the EV and has already embarked on her second training class.

Nancy not only grew up in California, she also graduated from UC Davis. She had always wanted to explore the world outside California and thought that when she married Mike Mayo, a Brit, perhaps she would travel. Ironically, Mike fell in love with California and is always reluctant to leave! They do visit New Zealand where they have many relatives near Dunedin and where Nancy is very excited about a new eco sanctuary for native birds and plants.

Other interests for Nancy include reading, hiking, and kayaking. She especially enjoys kayaking the Oakland estuary, finding it amazing to encounter nature so close to an industrial area. Nancy also has a glider pilot license. She and Mike spent the first 5 years of their marriage building a small airplane—a Long-EZ, which they fly up to Truckee every summer weekend. They camp at the airport campground for pilots, so that he can soar with the eagles in his glider, while Nancy experiences nature by hiking in the Sierra. She has found that gliding and air sickness don’t mix well.

Nancy also volunteers at her church library and spends a lot of time helping to care for her aging father, an avid outdoorsman, making sure he continues to stay active. She also worked for 6 years in the peer tutoring program at Palo Alto High School, where her son Stuart attended high school. Nancy, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and commitment to nature with the Environmental Volunteers.

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