Our Supporters

Environmental Volunteers gives our deepest thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their generous support.

Gifts between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016


The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Morgan Family Foundation
Satterberg Foundation
San Francisco SuperBowl Legacy, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Stein
Youth Outside

$25,000 - $49,999

County of Santa Clara
Euske Family Foundation
Clinton and Mary Gilliland
LaureL Foundation
The Sand Hill Foundation


The Applied Material Foundation
Ben and Ruth Hammett
Heising-Simons Foundation
John and Anne Page
Scandling Family Foundation
Sally and Timothy Tomlinson


John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
Nancy and Tor Lund
Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund
Gayle Riggs
Kathy and Al Lauer
Palo Alto Community Fund
Nina Brooks and Andrew Hirsch
Ellen and Mike Turbow
Robert and Mary Dodge
Noble and Lorraine Hancock
Santa Clara Valley Water District


Dudley and Elaine Andersen
Allan and Mindy Berkowitz
Bill Graham Foundation
Bishop Pine Fund
Chalres B. Kuhn Memorial Fund
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Cody Anderson Wasney Architects
Erin Craig and Richard Dvorak
Karen Druker
Jennifer and Cree Edwards
Linda and Jerome Elkind
Jeff and Susan Englander
Fenton Family Foundation
Jan and Bob Fenwick
Joyce and Jay Friedrichs
Markus Fromherz and Heike Schmitz
Addie Fukuda
Garden Club of Palo Alto
Kate Godfrey and Rob Colley
Richard E. Haas and Marilyn Tagatac
Sheryl Heckmann
Bruce and Eleanor Heister
Mel Hodge
Drs. Mary Hufty and Daniel Alegria
Janet and James Hustler
Shirley M. Iverson
Laurie Jarrett
Julie and Jon Jerome
Jerrett Jessup
Barbara Jones
Doug Kalish and Donna Bohling
Kiwanis Club of Mountain View
Larry and Milbrey Klein
Judy Koch
Susan Lang and Robert Levenson
Janet Larson
Sue and Peter LaTourrette
The Leonard C. and Mildred F. Ferguson Foundation
Stan and Suzanne Mantell
Don and Mary McDougall
Robert and Myung Sook McIntyre
Bill and Mimi Meffert
Michael Lee Environmental Foundation
Morgan Stanley
Nancy Mueller
Susanne Mulcahy and Jan Raissle
Elaine and Armand Neukermans
Nintendo of America Inc.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Ward and Mary Paine
Palo Alto Rotary Club
Palo Alto University Rotary Club
Presidio Bank, Palo Alto
Rathmann Family Foundation
William Reller
Elizabeth B. Ross
Rotary Club of Menlo Park Foundation
Elizabeth Salzer and Richard Baumgartner
Pearl Anne Seipp
Andrea and David Shearn
Greg and Alison Takata
Helen Tieger
Jack and Jan Tomlin
Timothy Toole
Mimi Webb
Al Whaley and Davy Davidson
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Foundation
Woodside-Atherton Garden Club


Anonymous (7)

The Aaron Family
Susan Adams
Elizabeth and Francisco Aguilar
Cash Alaee
Judy Alberts
Sy Alpert
Theodore Alway and Patricia Ortiz
Barbara Anderson
Marjorie Anderson
Richard and Marcia Anger
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Apfelberg
Rosemary Arca and John Germano
John and Polly Armstrong
Arna Shefrin
Brian Aronstam
Lynne Auld and Carl Ebeling
Marilyn Austin
Peg Austin
Joel and Sherri Bakos
Jaime Barclay
Barbara Bartlett
Irene Beardsley and Dan Bloomberg
George and Betsy Bechtel
Gerald and Lindsay Belden
Lori and Matt Beninger
Frances and Alan Bennett
Barbara and Bud Bennigson
Anna Berman
Mel and Aviva Bernstein
Ann Bilodeau
Lu and John Bingham
Patricia and Pete Biocini
Lee and Bill Birdsey
Diane and Kendall Bishop Family Foundation
Olle and Monika Bjorkman
Paula Blank
Elizabeth Blois
Jocelyn Blum and Dr. Jerry Blum
Hillary and Pete Blum
Helen and Arthur Bobrove
Andrea K Boehmer
Marcy Bolotin and Larry Paull
Richard and Pamela Bonino
Olive Alison Borgsteadt
Mary Brayton
Larry Breed
Carolyn and Richard Brennan
Carol and Alan Broad
Beth Bunnenberg
Marlene and Marshall Burak
Malisha Busarini
Rosemary Busher
Bobbi Callison and Paul Anderson
Barbara Carlitz
April Carlson
Ros Carol
Honora Carson
Nancy and John Cassidy
Wanda Cavanaugh and Richard Ball
Susan Chamberlain
Carl Cheney
Robert and Susan Christiansen
Mia Clark
Thomas and Sarah Clark
A. Denis Clift
Neal and Janet Coberly
Arthur and Laura Cohen
Todd and Lisa Collart
Jennifer Collins
Sandra and Norman Coplon
Sarah Cording
Cal and Carla Cornwell
Doug Cox
Ann and Alex Crichton
Peter and Melanie Cross
Wendy Crowder
Kay Culpepper
Nancy Cutler
Rupal Ria Dalal
Jill Daly
Susan and Michael Dansker
Anne Dauer
Leslie Dauer
Carolyn and Gordon Davidson
Jean Davis
Jean and Dexter Dawes
Bunny Dawson
Gail Peacock DeBellis
James Denhert
Hilde DeMarco
Richard and Marianne Denman
Marge DeStaebler
Lloyd and Eleanor Dickman
Vicki Difrancesco
Dennis and Cynthia Dillon
Stan Dirks and Linda Fenney
Judy Dodson
Frank and Marian Doorley
Susan and Al Dorsky
Jane Dredge
Ronald and Lynn Duarte
Nitesh Dullabh
Kathleen and Terry Duryea
Sue DuVall
Edith and Jeb Eddy
Dee Eduardo and Karl Gohl
Marilyn Edwardson
Diana and Brad Ekstrand
Michael Eldredge
Bob and Fredi Elliott
Leif and Sharon Erickson
Irene Estelle and Ed Logg
Angela Evans
Luke Farley
James Feichtl
John and Mary Felstiner
Darryl Fenwick
Sally Ferejohn
Tom and Nancy Fiene
Richard and Barbara Fikes
Judi and Jerry Finch
Solon and Diane Finkelstein
Renee Fitzsimons
Winfield Foster
Lois and William Fowkes
Jeannette Fowler
Douglas Fraser and Mary Hawker Fraser
Kent and Judy Frewing


Sandy Gant and Mike Nelson
Jeanne Gary
Judy Gaulke
Lee and Susan Gavens
Carol and HB Gelatt
Phil Geller
Edith Gelles
Rebecca Geraldi
Dr. and Mrs. James Gibbons
Betsy Gifford
Binumon Girija
Rosaline Graham
Joan and Stuart Greene
Jeanette and Harold Guthart
Doug Hagan
Susan and Michael Hahn
Frieda and Sterling Haidt
Arthur Hall
Steve Halprin
Paul Hammes
Sara and Michael Hammond
Judy Hannemann
Margaret and Robert B. Harrington
Hartzell Family Fund
Tammy Harvey
Nancy and Howard Hassen
Joan and Ted Haynes
Raymond and Elsa Heald
Jerry Hearn and Rebecca Reynolds
Karen Dahle and Sue Hessel
Henry Heubach
Steven Hibshman
John Hickson and Sarah Babin
Hidden Villa
Marian and Tom Hill
Harvey and Margaret Hinman
Helga and Leo Hoenighausen
Children of Christy Holloway
Anne Holmes
Michael Holubar and Karen Inaba
Mary Hoover
Marilyn and Neil Hornor
David Howes and Janet Andrews
Caryn Huberman Yacowitz
Barbara N. Hurley and Kevin A. Sawyer
Carole Hutchinson
Combimatrix Molecular Diagnostics
Sue Irvine
Sachiko Itagaki and Kirk Miller
Matthew and Connie Ives
Jeanne Jessup
Vista Capital Partners
William Johnson
Joanne Johnson Felt and Harlan Felt
AC Johnston
Earl Junghans and Baker Moorefield
Fred and Wendy Kahn
Dan and Rory Kaplan
Kasumisou Gallery
Sylvia and Jim Katzman
Lerelle Kazmierczak
Mary Kenney and Joseph Pasqua
Barbara Kingsley
Ms. Barbara Klein and Mr. Stan Schrier
Martin and Naomi Klughaupt Ttee
Sally and Albert Knorp
Phyllis and Eric Knudsen
Iris Korol
Tony and Judy Kramer
Marion and Charles Krause
Frosty and Lance Krieger
Karen and Mel Kronick
Art and Bobby Kushner
Nancy Kux
Mary Ann and Keith Kvenvolden
Kathryn and Michael Ladra
Joan Lane
Martin and Wendy Lazar
Monique Le Conge Ziesenhenne
Jennifer Lee
Mrs. Harold Leitstein
John and Karen Lemes
Richard Lenon and Leslie Hsu
Douglas and Virginia Levick
Shoshana and Ronald Levy
Elizabeth Lewish and Robert Abramson
Todd and Megan Lewis
Ann and George Limbach
Jean Ann and Charles Luckhardt
Carol and Emmett MacCorkle
Connie Mariottini
Ann Markevitch
Mary Marsh
Ann Marsh-Meigs and Eric Meigs
Janet Martin
Nancy Mayo
Doreen and Robert Mazzei
Ellie McAninch
Joan and Bob McCowan
Jean McCown
Walter and Mary McCullough
Katherine and Ryan McDougall
Bill McElhinney
Evelyn McGown
Janet and Craig McHendrie
Debra and Bryan McLaughlin
Lillian McMath
Kimberly and John McMorrow
Elizabeth and Robert Meltzer
William Menkin
Heidi Mickelsen
David and Lucille Milgram
Brian and Beverly Miller
Ruth Miller
Wilma Milligan
Dr. Dale H Minkin
John and Arlene Mitchell
Katherine and Bridger Mitchell
Mary-Mignon Mitchell
Sheila Monheit
David and Jane Moss
Tom and Marianne Moutoux
Shari Mullen and Stephen Tucker
Richard and Patti Namm
Nancy and Robert Neff
Marty and Nancy Newman
Sam and Anne Ng
Liz and Gary Nielsen

Tobi Nielsen
Margaret Ann Niven
Paul and Elizabeth Nyberg
Annabelle and Blaine Nye
Brad and Judith O'Brien
Sophia Oliveira and Shane R
Julia Oliver
Bonnie Packer and Bob Raymakers
Joanne and George Papa
David and Karen Paradise
Sandra and Scott Pearson
David and Sunny Pellone
Lesley and Girvin Peters
Stephen and Carol Peters
Alma and Jim Phillips
Robert Phillips and Doria Summa
Joe and Helen Pickering
Steve and Margaret Pierce
Larry Pine
Porter Poirier
Howard and Margie Pomerantz
Daniel Pressman
Charles and Barbara Preuss
Bob and Elaine Raisler
Mr. & Mrs. Hy Ramm
Christine Rammler
Gale Rankin
Nancy and Glenn Rankin
Steve Rasmussen
Margot and Mark Rawlins
Marianna Raymond
Chris and Anne Ream
Jeffrey Reese
Paola Reinosa
Shirley Reith
Lynn Reuter
Thomas and Joanna Reynolds
Aarika Riddle
Barbara Rieder
Wendy Roberts
John Robinson
Diane and Joseph Rolfe
Carin and John Rollins
Marilyn and Alan Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Rossen
Margaret and Robert Row
Nikki Rowe
Ruth and Jim Rowe
Owen Rubin and Dianne Jacob
Victoria Rundorff
Donna Rutherford
Sherman and Darlene Rutherford
Susan and Mike Sabes
John and Kitti Salera
James and Andrea Sandstrom
Janet and Paul Scardina
Jan and Vic Schachter
Schauer Family Fund
Suzanne and J. Robert Schauwecker
Judith Schiffner
Dianne and Mike Schilling
Kathy Schmidt
Charles G. Schulz and Claire E. Taylor
Gloria Schulz
Katie Seedman
Mike and Marilyn Segal
John and Carolyn Seyfarth
Barbara and Skip Shapiro
Betty Ann Sills
Susan Silveira
Lewis Silvers, Jr.
Wendy Sinton
Skoll Foundation
Dennis and Ellen Smith
Nancy Smith
The Stephen S. Smith and Paula K. Smith Family Foundation
E. and P. Snider
Susan and Yuen So
Sophie and Arthur Brody Foundation
Larry Spivak
Susan Springer
Kathy Stark and Chris Aoki
Barbara and Charles Stevens
Noel and Carol Stevens
Lynne and Eric Stietzel
Douglas Stimpson
Michal Strutin & Michael Sinensky
James Sutherland
Marilyn Sutorius
Natalia Szczerba
Laura Teksler
Kym and Lars Teppo
Ann and Jerry Thalls
Nancy Thomas
Chuck and Jean Thompson
Peter Thurston
Frances Ann Toler
David and Janeen Tuitupou
Marian and Jeff Urman
Patricia Vautrinot
Vishnu Venkatesh
Barb and Kurt Voester
Chris and Karen Wagner
Jeanne Waite
Celia Walker
Anna Waring
Clare Warner
Karlette Warner
Joan and Roger Warnke
Cindy and Jay Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Watt
Don Weden
Alison and Edwin Wells
Sallie and Jay Whaley
Ed and Patti White
Michelle White
Helen and Jim Wiant
Chris and James Wiersig
Larry and Judith William
Ed and Gee Gee Williams
Mercedes Williams
Allen and Jean Wolman
Chet and Ruth Ann Wrucke
Julie and Craig Wyreman
Gail Ann Yamen
Xiao Bin Yang
Tessie and Philip Young
Lauren Younger and James LaPlante Jr.
Miriam O. Yupanqui
Ann and Geoffrey Ziman


Joan and Roy Fray
Hobee's Restaurant
Donald and Robin Kennedy
Lyngso Garden Materials

Matching Gift Corporations

Cisco FoundationOracle
Franklin Templeton Employee Engagement Fund



Ruth and Ben Hammett

Noble and Lorraine Hancock

Ellen and Mike Turbow

Challenge Gift

Clinton and Mary Gilliland 

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