Nature Notes

Welcome to Nature Notes. Here you will find stories and updates from Environmental Volunteers programs and see natural science education in action. Stay tuned as we add more content!

Resources for Parents and Teachers

The Environmental Volunteers love to bring fun, hands-on activities into school classrooms and lead kids on field trips in nature. Now that all of our classrooms have moved to our... Read More

New Field Trip Programs

Lichen found on a park survey The world of education, and especially outdoor field trips, has obviously changed quite a bit over the last 6 months. Schools are starting... Read More

Taking the EcoCenter Outside

The EcoCenter is many things; the Environmental Volunteer’s main office building, a historic landmark in the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve, and a nature interpretive center! Every Friday and the... Read More

Educational Resources for Equity and Inclusion

The following resources may help you build your understanding about being more equitable and inclusive. Why jokes can be harmful: Indigenous Land Acknowledgement resources: Here’s an ... Read More

EV Special Project Days

Scissors? Check.   Glue gun? Check. Laminator? Check. Chocolates? Check. It’s Special Project Day – Morning at the EcoCenter!  Volunteers get to clean, fix-up, re-stock, repair... Read More

Backyard Circle Space Observation

An activity I’ve used in the elementary classroom focuses attention in a defined area. Using a jump rope, outline a circle area outside on the ground – grassy area or... Read More