Nature Notes

Welcome to Nature Notes. Here you will find stories and updates from Environmental Volunteers programs and see natural science education in action. Stay tuned as we add more content!

The wide world of deer

As we continue into this holiday season, I am amazed by the effects that the weather takes on our surrounding wilderness. What better animal to kick off the festivities than... Read More

Resources for Parents and Teachers

The Environmental Volunteers love to bring fun, hands-on activities into school classrooms and lead kids on field trips in nature. Now that all of our classrooms have moved to our... Read More

Soil health – watch and learn

“Kiss the Ground” summary: Kiss the Ground discussed the topic of climate change and how the Earth’s soil is able to draw tons of atmospheric carbon out of the air. Read More

Our Impact in 2020

While 2020 has been a challenging year for the EV, we are proud to share our accomplishments that we were able to achieve despite many setbacks. SERVICES PROVIDED We delivered... Read More

Thanksgiving Recipes from the EV

This holiday season, we wanted to share a collection of squash recipes from our amazing volunteers. We all worked hard as a team to bring you the healthiest and most... Read More

Fall Birding at the Emily Renzell Ponds

Gadwall The fall birding season is shaping up at Emily Renzell Ponds.  With, thankfully, blue skies and cooler temps there’s lots to see. Hundreds of ducks will greet you... Read More

Outdoor Adventures at Fremont Older

Calling all hiking enthusiasts! If you live in West San Jose near Miller Middle School or Lynbrook High School, I recommend hiking in the Fremont Older park. In this... Read More

Science is No Heap of Stones

I remember a rather passionate discussion I had with my mother (a former school teacher) early in my career about curriculum design. The question: are there certain specific facts that... Read More


As environmental educators, one could argue the EV is duty-bound to teach about climate change. It is a crisis unfolding before our eyes and we need to be acting on... Read More