2021 Baylands Bioblitz

Join the EV in a Baylands Bioblitz, where we see how many plants and animals we can find in a day!


Saturday, July 17th 9:00 am to 11:00 am


What is a Bioblitz? Simple: a fun event that attempts to find as many species of plants and animals in a specific area and time! Join the EV in learning about how to do a Bioblitz, why they are fun, and how they can help scientists in studying the plants and animals of the Baylands!


The program will begin with an interactive instruction on what a Bioblitz is and how to join, and transition into a fun exploration of the Baylands that records as many plants and animals as possible.


Bringing a camera is highly recommended. If you are able to, downloading the iNaturalist smartphone app prior to the program is also recommended.