Bill Leikam – Urban Gray Fox Talk

Join guest speaker Bill Leikam to learn about the gray fox population of the Bay Area, their behavior and lives.


Saturday, July 31st 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm


Join us for this informative and engaging multi-media presentation about the gray fox. Although gray foxes are frequently spotted in the Bay Area, very little is known about them, especially their behavior. The Fox Guy, Bill Leikam, begins his presentation with an overview of the gray fox’s general ecology as an orientation to the life of a gray fox. He then weaves together the science through personal stories about foxes he studied in the Bay Area as he follows them over the course of a year. You will witness juvenile gray foxes begin new relationships, and experience the secret lives of gray fox pups as they learn how to survive in their ever changing world. This presentation is suited for high school age and adults, but all ages are welcome.



About the Speaker:

Bill says, “Science has been an important thread throughout my life. Among other endeavors, and based on my research into the nature of consciousness, I was selected as a member of a US Delegation to the Peoples Republic of China in 1981.” Bill Leikam conducts unprecedented research on the behavior of the gray fox. He is an Associate Director for Guadalupe-Coyote Resource Conservation District. Eleven years ago, Bill began documenting, photographing and researching the behavior of the gray fox. This study resulted in the development of the Urban Wildlife Research Project. He introduced his work to videographer and naturalist Greg Kerekes and welcomed him on board to join in with the research. They are dedicated to developing viable habitat and connectivity corridors for the gray fox and other wildlife living to the east of Highway 101 and the shore of the San Francisco Bay. Their work has attracted a good deal of attention by the press. They give highly acclaimed presentations about their work to corporate, private, and an array of wildlife organizations.