“Every Bird has a Story” with Judy Kramer

Saturday, August 21st, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM PST
Learn about local birds and their stories through a presentation and accompanying photography all provided by guest speaker Judy Kramer.

Join Judy Kramer and the Environmental Volunteers to learn about the stories of local birds, told through their photographs in “Every Bird Has a Story”. Explore their fascinating lives and behaviors; with a focus on babies, hunting for food, dabblers and divers, beaks, and one Judy calls “the one that got away.”


About the speaker:

“Judy is a local, award-wining nature photographer living in Palo Alto. She is a past president of the Palo Alto Camera Club and is now a member of Gallery House on California Avenue in Palo Alto. Her work has been published in three books and seen in various local venues. Organizations that use her photos include the California Native Plant Society, Peninsula Open Space Trust, North American Nature Photography Association, and Environmental Volunteers.


“When the wildflowers dried up last June, and unable to travel because of the pandemic, Judy and her husband, Tony, started taking photos along the bay. She discovered that birds were very interesting, and she became a bird photographer. You can see many samples of her bird photography on her web site, www.earthwitnessphoto.com.”


*All photos by Judy Kramer.