11/15 Nature Journaling with John Muir Laws

Join Naturalist John Muir Laws at the EcoCenter for a Nature Journaling workshop once a month. Whether you are new to Nature Journaling, or you are a veteran, this workshop is accessible and helps anyone use a notebook and pencil to deepen their connection to nature and observation skills when they are enjoying the outdoors.

The workshop will happen at the same time each month, but the topics will be different. All ages and experience levels are welcome. See the Nature Journal Club website for more details.

Upcoming dates at the EcoCenter on the Friday after the second Tuesday from 2:30-4:00pm:

Over the last year, my eyes have opened to exciting new ways that we can use our nature journals. It starts with observation and wonder, then moves onto the page with words pictures and numbers. But then opens up into an exciting and creative range of possibilities. In this class, we will broaden your horizons of what you can do on a journal page, give you a list of creative and playful elements to include, tools to explore mysteries, projects to jumpstart creative exploration, strategies to sharpen aspects of your journal work, and lots of examples that will make you say “wow” and then “I can do that too”!

All ages and experience levels are welcome.  No registration necessary, $20 suggested donation.