Nature Journaling with John Muir Laws

Naturalist John Muir Laws teaches a Nature Journaling series at the EcoCenter on the Friday after the second Tuesday of each month.  It will happen at the same time each month, but the topics will be different. All ages and experience levels are welcome. See the Nature Journal Club website for more details.

Upcoming dates and topics at the EcoCenter from 2:30-4:00pm:

Friday after the Second Tuesday of every month from 2:30- 4:00PM

Join John Muir Laws at the EcoCenter for a Nature Journaling workshop once a month. Whether you are new to Nature Journaling, or you are a veteran, this workshop is accessible and helps anyone use a notebook and pencil to deepen their connection to nature and observation skills when they are enjoying the outdoors.

Before the Nature Journal Club field trip to Tanzania (or your visit to the zoo), let’s take a look at a few last details (not covered in our April class) that will help you draw African animals and landscapes. This is a bit of a grab bag of ideas. Even if you are not off to Africa, these tips can help you draw related subjects.

Learn tricks for:

  • drawing things that move
  • what’s up with that ostrich?
  • sketching vast landscapes (and acacia trees)
  • drawing large herds
  • wild cats
  • vulture fun

All ages and experience levels are welcome.  No registration necessary, $20 suggested donation.