8/4: A Year with the Urban Gray Fox

Join us for a special presentation by “The Fox Guy” Bill Leikam as he shares his research on gray foxes of the Palo Alto Baylands.


Bill will take us on a year-long journey through the life of local foxes and share the unknown facts of their behavior and migration patterns. The story will focus on when two young foxes pair up in the spring, have their litter, and the work of the parents in raising their young. Bill will also share what happens in November and into early January when the young gray foxes disperse and find themselves not only a mate but also territory that they can claim as their home range.


Bill was featured in On The Trail of the Surprisingly Mysterious Gray Fox in Bay Nature magazine.



About Bill Leikam
Bill Leikam conducts unprecedented research on the behavior of the gray fox. He is on the Board of Directors for Guadalupe-Coyote Resource Conservation District. Bill has many accomplishments to his name including being a published live jazz reviewer for All About Jazz. In 1981, he was a Delegate to the People’s Republic of China based on his research into the nature of consciousness.