Community Programs

We partner with organizations serving Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and Redwood City to bring engaging, hands-on environmental science to their students. Depending on the organization’s needs, our community programs can take different shapes. One afternoon, Environmental Volunteers might join an afterschool program to play a round of Jays and Juncos. Our volunteers can also lead neighboring youth on a Baylands hike around the EcoCenter.

Examples of Community Programs

Catholic Charities Youth Club at Saint Francis of Assisi

Environmental Volunteers has partnered with Catholic Charities Youth Club at Saint Francis of Assisi to bring environmental awareness to the students. Volunteers and staff have visited the church for both afterschool programs and for summer programs. The EV engaged students in hands-on activities about resource management, the cycle of life, and predator and prey interactions.

Ravenswood Student Art Show

The EV celebrated young artists from Ravenswood City School District by holding an annual art exhibit at the EcoCenter. Using the theme of “Marine Ecology” as inspiration, students created works using various media to explore connections between art and science. This connected the EV not only with the youth of East Palo Alto but also their parents. Families came to visit the EcoCenter to admire their children’s artwork on display.

Kid Powered at the YMCA

Kid Powered grew students’ environmental awareness, connected them to the outdoors, and instilled a desire to protect the Earth’s beauty and natural resources. The program provided students at East Palo Alto YMCA with fun, hands-on educational experiences.

Interested in Partnering With Us?

At the EcoCenter, the EV has worked with local organizations and schools to provide educational programs and service learning opportunities. In the past, we’ve had the pleasure of serving: Siena Youth Center, Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, Catholic Charities Youth Club, Abilities United, Family Connections, College Track, YMCA of East Palo Alto, as well as corporate groups Hewlett Packard Enterprise and LinkedIn.

If you would like to have a community partnership with the EV, please contact our Programs Coordinator, Drew Thompson, at

If you are a member of the community and would like to volunteer at these community programs, please go here.