1st Grade Programs

Structure and Function*

In the Structure and Function program, students discover the variety of structures living things have for movement from a flying bird, running deer, flying insect, or even swaying grasses. NGSS Program. *Field Trip option available upon request.

Total time for each classroom: 90 minutes

Classroom kits: Mammal Movement; Feathers; To Be a Bee; Plants and Their Parts

*Field Trip options:
Huddart Park

Huddart Park Site Guide
Huddart Park Map

Stevens Creek County Park

Stevens Creek Site Guide
Stevens Creek Map

Palo Alto Baylands

Baylands Site Guide
Palo Alto Baylands Map

All About Birds

Stuffed owl and studentsIn the All About Birds program, students explore the wide variety of birds typically found in our local neighborhoods. Learn about the unique features of bird beaks, feet, and feathers that help these beautiful animals thrive. EV Classic. NOTE: This classic program is available for the Fall only; if you request this program, you may be asked to help us prototype our new NGSS program, “Bird Traits” (see below) instead.

Total time for each classroom: 90 minutes

Classroom kits: Nests and Eggs; Bird Costume; Bird Study Skins; Bird Utensils

Bird Traits

Stuffed owl and studentsIn the Bird Traits program, students will explore the concepts of inheritance and variation of traits through the world of birds. Can students match the baby bird to its parent? What traits do you use? Are there patterns to the types of baby birds? In some species of birds the males and females look the same, and some are different. When they are different, what traits do you use to know they are the same species? Students will also learn how parents help their offspring survive through migration and feeding behaviors. NGSS Program. NOTE: This new program is available by request for the Spring, only.

Total time for each classroom: 90 minutes

Classroom kits: Feather Patterns; Hunting & Foraging; Migration; Bird Babies