2nd Grade Programs

Water On the Move*

In the Water on the Move program, students explore the various qualities of water and its vital role in our environment. NGSS Program.

Available program options: In-Person, Synchronous and Asynchronous.


Total time for each classroom: 90 minutes

Classroom Activities: Erosion; Travels with Water; Water Experiments; Water, Water Everywhere


These live, interactive programs help students use the tools in their own homes or classrooms to explore how water moves, where we find water, and how water gets to cities.

Total time for each synchronous lesson: 30 minutes

Lesson Options: Erosion, Water Water Everywhere, Water Experiments


Students are invited to participate in a series of at-home activities designed for them to easily do on their own with some adult supervision, using tools and items which can be found around the house to explore how we use/depend on water in our daily lives, and how water impacts the land around us. See Asynchronous Programs for more details.

Activity Options: Erosion, Water Water Everywhere, Water Experiments

*Standard Field Trip option available upon request to the Palo Alto Baylands (see Baylands Site Guide and Palo Alto Baylands Map)

*Walkable Field Trip options also available


(In-Person Only) What Was That? In the Biodiversity program, students will imagine they went for a hike and collected clues about an animal that was in the area. If they never saw the animal, can they use the clues to identify the animal. Through the mystery, students will discover the wide diversity of species living in different habitats and the diversity of birds, and even the diversity of birds who produce pellets. NGSS Program. *Field Trip option available.

Total time for each classroom: 90 minutes

Classroom Activities: Species Diversity; Feather Clues; Pellets; Habitats

*Standard Field Trip options:
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve
Windy Hill Site Guide
Windy Hill Map

Huddart Park
Huddart Park Site Guide
Huddart Park Map

Stevens Creek County Park
Stevens Creek Site Guide
Stevens Creek Map