Kindergarten Programs


In the Investigation program, students will explore the environment around them, learning skills related to observation, communication, and data collection, which support the science and engineering practices dimension of the NGSS. This program includes an additional Schoolyard Snoop component (required) where students practice their investigation skills just outside of the classroom. NGSS Program.

Total time for each classroom: 3 hours (includes 90-minute Snoop)

Classroom Kits: Senses; Finger Detectives; How Do You Know?; Backyard Soil

Stuffed owl and studentsAll About Birds

In the All About Birds program, students will explore the wide variety of birds typically found in our local neighborhoods. Learn about the unique features of bird beaks, feet, and feathers that help these beautiful animals thrive. EV Classic.

Total time for each classroom: 90 minutes

Classroom Kits: Nests and Eggs; Bird Costume; Bird Study Skins; Bird Utensils