Transportation Fund FAQ

Who can apply on behalf of my school or youth-serving organization?

School teachers, principals, office staff, parent volunteers, and organization staff/educators.

What is a “youth-serving organization”?

For the purposes of the Transportation Fund, a “youth-serving organization” is considered an out-of-school program or organization that serves youth or young adults (birth to 24 years). Youth-serving organizations must specifically serve a low-income community with 70% FRPM or greater.

How do I reserve a bus?

Check first with your school district to see if district buses are available. If your district does not have buses and you do not have access to buses from another district, please use the transportation service with the lowest cost. We recommend First Student or Michael’s Transportation, but there may be other good alternatives in different areas.

How do I get reimbursed?

To receive reimbursement, please send a copy of the official bus invoice and completed Reimbursement Form to Please note that personal reimbursement checks will not be written. You should receive a reimbursement check sent to the address listed on the submitted Reimbursement Form.


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